Next Generation Promotions

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Project Descreptions

We developed the Next Generation Promotions platform to promote our up and coming talent. This has for different categories which we set for our artists, fans and companies. There is no limit to the users / categories, and they can be added or taken away to suit. We have introduced a boosting payment system so that the artists and companies who really want to get seen ahead of the rest can pay to boost their profile to the number 1 profile position, featured sections or the homepage. We have also included a TV channel that selects the Videos from the user profiles and shows them on the TV channel at random. This feature can be switched on and off from within the userís profile. There is an event section for users to upload their events and a newsfeed for them to broadcast their stories. With the messenger this allows users to message the admin and each other.

Key Details

Byron Vince
Project Name
Next Generation Promotions Software
Php, MySql, Aws, etc.
Project Url
Average Time
4 - 5 Months