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Vacation Rental Business with Airbnb Clone

Why pay the other advertising companies to use their system? Have you own system to earn all of the fee and have an have something of value when the system is full of users. Going by Facebooks user valuation as they are active users which is $24 per user, then your system with 10,000 users would be worth $240,000. Home page, About Us – Our staff – Our services, Contact Us, TV channel, Events page for you and / or your customers events to be shown, services page, Advertising page.

With your advertising page you can have this to let users, upload their profiles. Services or products and we have also integrated a payment system into it so that your customers can pay to be on the main page, top of the page or have their profile in the top position. We will include free unlimited business emails, free hosting and also free 24/7 assistance and security so that you will always remain online and making money!

With this system you can use it for your accommodation business to showcase your facility or use this to rent out to other accommodation facilities On the frontend you will have a incredible platform that not only looks good but is also user friendly and has all of the functions required to showcase your facility! In the header we will add either several attractive banners to advertise your services or a video which better showcases what you have to offer! Underneath this we will add a search bar so that your customers can pick the location / facility required, their dates then book in and pay to confirm. From this point on the system is automatic so taking the work away from you! The platform will allocate the dates for that customer sending them ca confirmation email and receipt of payment whilst also sending you confirmation and listing the room as booked if there is only one space available saving 2 customers booking the 1 room / facility at the same time. This search / booing bar will be on each and every page so that your customers can immediately book in from any page, saving the chance of a change of mind or frustration when having to search the site for this!

On the backend we will build your CRM and management system to safely store all your valuable customer information in a way that is not just safe but also easily accessible! This system can be set for automatic advertising meaning that the system will send your customers advertising both on the platform and emails once you have set what is to be set and when it is to commence. Your platform will also have the option to have a login for other businesses to login so that they to can use your platform to advertise and pay you a fee meaning that you will receive a income from other businesses and your own customers!

Introducing Your Next Vacation Rental Business

The concept of on-demand has reconstructed the way the industry functions. Enterprises are taking their businesses digital to provide their consumers with efficient services and a set of high-end features. We are a reputed Home Rental Booking App Builder that helps you create your own powerful app like Air BnB with advanced Booking Software System to ensure that your business never stays stagnant.

How To Make An App Like Air BnB ?

  • Design concept : Pick an app design that will suit your service and customize it according to your needs.
  • Integrate features : Select the features you want to integrate into your application to enable efficient services.
  • Launch : Launch the application on the Android or iOS platforms and watch your revenue grow.

Renters Host App Features

  • eye

    Special Offer

    You can send exclusive offers to multiple guests using this module to attract more bookings.

  • idea

    Switch To Host

    Guest can switch to host, and Host can also change to guest portals anytime..

  • imac

    List Your space

    The host can list any number of their properties at no cost. Since the listings are unlimited host can add and manage the listings easily.

  • gift

    Transaction History

    The host can find a detailed summary of all the transactions done in the past. The host can also download complete transaction details.

Renter's - User App Features

  • gift

    Advanced Filter

    Guests can use the advanced filter option to filter out properties based on price, location, amenities, etc..

  • key

    Multiple Currency support

    Renter's script comes with an integrated currency, which helps the users to convert native currency to foreign currency.

  • heart

    Message Communication System between Guest & Host

    Guests & hosts can easily communicate with our advanced message communication System.

  • eye


    You can bookmark your favorite listing by adding it to your wishlist in Renter's Script. You can also share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Mobile App Screens

Renter's Script - Auxiliary Features


A good URL structure is always easy to read and understandable. It also will have high CTR. SEO friendly URL structure tend to rank at the top of search results.


Increase your reach to the tablet and mobile audiences to increase sales and conversions.


You can track the number of bookings on your properties and the annual response rate on your dashboard. You can also read reviews of your properties and check the star ratings from guests.


Online backup runs quietly in the background every few hours. The data backup can be used anytime if in case of an attack or data loss.


It is a secure and easy way for people to log into the account. Also signing in using your Facebook account saves time from filling all the details during signup.


Webmaster/Admin can export the list of all properties to an excel using our advanced dashboard.

Cinque Terre


Monthly Subscription

$ 99

  • Rider and Driver App
  • Admin Panels
  • Single Licence
  • Self Host / Free Installation
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Yearly Subscription

$ 990

  • Rider and Driver App
  • Admin Panels
  • Single Licence
  • Login based access
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Mr. Vince will help arrange a smooth travel for you to our development center in Austrilia. You can witness all the enhancements of your app. Get in touch with him if you have any queries related to visa, tickets and other travel hurdles that you might face.

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