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Why pay the other advertising companies to use their system? Have you own system to earn all of the fee and have an have something of value when the system is full of users. Going by Facebooks user valuation as they are active users which is $24 per user, then your system with 10,000 users would be worth $240,000.

This unique gym management system has a media platform and uber style system on the front end and a gym management CRM on the backend. On the front end

You have a media platform which is great for your business to advertise to and keep your customers loyal through constant engagement. Complete with all of the below features but you can get us to add to or take away from these features to give you a custom platform.

Home page, About Us – Our staff – Our services, Contact Us, TV channel, Events page for you and / or your customers events to be shown, services page, Advertising page. With your advertising page you can have this to let users, upload their profiles. Services or products and we have also integrated a payment system into it so that your customers can pay to be on the main page, top of the page or have their profile in the top position.

In addition to the front end we have also included an Uber style system so that your customers can see where your gym / gyms are, what trainers you have / which are available then book in and pay. This system is great for all gyms and health clubs but even more effective for multi-branch gyms and mobile trainers as your customers can go onto the platform, see where your gyms are, which trainers are available / in the area, their profile then book and pay.

On the backend, You have a custom CRM, database and management system. This system is not just designed to hold all of your customers details, produce financial reports, flag members who have memberships due to expire, to name a few but also has the capability to add features suited to your exact business and classes, memberships that you hold. We will include free unlimited business emails, free hosting and also free 24/7 assistance and security so that you will always remain online and making money!

Introducing Your Next Gym / Club Management System

The concept of on-demand has reconstructed the way the industry functions. Enterprises are taking their businesses digital to provide their consumers with efficient services and a set of high-end features. We are a reputed Gym / Club Managment System provider to ensure that your business never stays stagnant.

How To Make An App Like Gym/Club ?

  • Design concept : Pick an app design that will suit your service and customize it according to your needs.
  • Integrate features : Select the features you want to integrate into your application to enable efficient services.
  • Launch : Launch the application on the Android or iOS platforms and watch your revenue grow.

Gym / Club Features

  • gift

    24/7 Gym Access Control

    Open your gym for longer with confidence, saving time and money with our advanced access control system.

  • key

    Point of Sale

    Boost your bottom line with smart POS & tracking system that works on any device

  • heart

    Member Management

    Deliver an exceptional member experience from the beginning. Go paperless with online signups, website integration and a member dashboard that you’ll love.

  • eye

    Online Booking

    Give your members the flexibility to make online bookings for classes and PT sessions - wherever, whenever.

  • idea

    Online Signup

    Automate your signup process and increase yourmembership numbers with seamless website integration.You'll love the live-updating timetable, too.

  • imac

    Go Mobile

    Free yourself from the front desk and experience the benefits of having your entire gym system at your fingertips.


  • Gym Owners, now you can easily manage your clients’ membership & training by just becoming a partner of the most leading gym management software in India.

  • Fittotech welcomes you to become a partner of a gym management software in India. What you need to do is? Just fill up all the details of your Gym & you will be able to manage your customers & instructors with gym management system.

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    Booking and Scheduling

    The booking chart is easy to use, allowing members to be booked in for classes,pools, saunas, personal training sessions and more! The online booking system gives clients the ability to book in and pay online – anywhere, any time.

  • idea

    Freedom from your Desk

    The mobile version allows you to work from anywhere, any time.

  • gift

    Integrated Billing

    Let Gym / Club Manager help you manage member's accounts with invoicing, ACH, billing integration and credit card payments.

Member Management

Gym / Club Management is software designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and communicate en mass with the right members at the right time.

24/7 Gym Access Control

Whether you want a quick 24/7 solution, or complete control over member movement within your facility, Glub Managment has the answer.

Our Software's Access Control System provides an easy to implement and convenient way for members to access your facility giving you added security and peace of mind. Our network-based reader is designed as a low-cost and reliable way to provide access control for your members.

Members App

Get members involved. Boost engagement, visitation, and class attendance with a professional fitness club app for your members.

Available on Android and iOS devices. It's now easier than ever for members to book into classes or personal training sessions, update their profile, check in, view workouts and visitation and more - all from their devices.

Cinque Terre


Monthly Subscription

$ 99

  • Rider and Driver App
  • Admin Panels
  • Single Licence
  • Self Host / Free Installation
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Yearly Subscription

$ 990

  • Rider and Driver App
  • Admin Panels
  • Single Licence
  • Login based access
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