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Media Network Platform

We developed the Next Generation Promotions platform to promote our up and coming talent. This has for different categories which we set for our artists, fans and companies. There is no limit to the users / categories, and they can be added or taken away to suit. We have introduced a boosting payment system so that the artists and companies who really want to get seen ahead of the rest can pay to boost their profile to the number 1 profile position, featured sections or the homepage. We have also included a TV channel that selects the Videos from the user profiles and shows them on the TV channel at random. This feature can be switched on and off from within the user’s profile. There is an event section for users to upload their events and a newsfeed for them to broadcast their stories. With the messenger this allows users to message the admin and each other.

This system can be adapted to suit any business and the business needs to bring in extra income, show off its products and service and engage with customers. This system should be used by all businesses, so they have there own media platform as the key to sales is customer engagement.

Introducing Your Next Media Network Business

The concept of on-demand has reconstructed the way the industry functions. Enterprises are taking their businesses digital to provide their consumers with efficient services and a set of high-end features. We are a reputed Media Network Platform provider. you create your own powerful app like Nextgenerationpromotions with advanced Booking Software System to ensure that your business never stays stagnant.

How To Make An App Like NGP ?

  • Design concept : Pick an app design that will suit your service and customize it according to your needs.
  • Integrate features : Select the features you want to integrate into your application to enable efficient services.
  • Launch : Launch the application on the Android or iOS platforms and watch your revenue grow.

NGP Features

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    Feature artists and companies

    We have added a featured section to our platform to make certain groups stand out from the rest as they are showcased at the top of each page in a highlighted section. You can have this for certain products, features or services to draw the customers towards this.

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    Having in depth analytics is essential to all and any business. With this feature you can see exactly who, what, where and when people are looking at your business online. You can also have a more in depth analysis than traditional analytics to segregate the areas, ages, times, likes, follows, comments and interest of your audience. You can then also target your audience in a more in-depth way, saving time and making you more money.

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    Our platforms have the option of both an internal and / or external messaging system. With the internal messaging system, users will message the admin with enquiries or for help but this can also be extended to the customers speaking with each other through your platform if you would like this feature! The reason to have it available for all customers to message admin is it is great for security / assistance purposes and new business! The reason that it is good to allow customers to speak with each other using your messaging system is it draws extra people to your brand. We can also add an external messaging feature for emails so that every time a customer sends an email then they are thinking about your business! Customer.mail@your


Our NGP TV channel has been designed so that it chooses videos from people profile at random to show on the NGP TV channel. This can be designed to be available to selected users or all users as it has with our NGP platform. The selected users can then use a switch from within their profile to turn this feature on and off, using this if they want only some, all or no videos to be shown on the channel. This is great for fans to watch, people to show off their skills and companies to advertise.


Rating System

Models Corner

We have added a rating system to NGP so that fans and companies can rate the artists and fans and artists can rate the companies. Another great way to get feedback and to get that valuable customer interaction!


As with the other social media platforms we have a newsfeed on our platform that can be removed or added. This allows people and companies to share their stories and experiences which is a great free marketing tool for your business when they like share and comment, drawing extra customers to your business!


NGP Events

ngp events

Add an event section to your platform so that you can show your customers what is happening with your business and when. You also have the option to let customers share their events with your business so that it draws more attention to your brand.

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